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Full Version: artist slideshow not working
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The artist slideshow isn't working for me I tried everything is there a certain version I should use?
You have to change the visualization setting in two different places--one in the skin and one in the music settings. There are more details specifically in regards to getting it to work w/ Amber somewhere in the AS support thread. I have to admit I haven't gotten it working flawlessly w/ Amber. Artwork shows fine, but no luck w/ artist info displaying, and the screensaver/auto-dim always kicks in, despite changing the screensaver settings to off while playing audio.
All I get is the CD artwork never any fanart in background of the songs playing other skins show slideshow just fine. Wish I could find those instructions you are talking about. I have looked all over been through the settings I even had a go at the source code but didn't know what I was looking for
Just found it, http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid...pid1532338, but here's the gist:

In SETTINGS->ADVANCED you have to make sure Artist Slideshow is set to ENABLED.

1- go start playing some music
2- click the left arrow to open the side panel
3- select player
4- wiggle the mouse (or bring up the OSD using your remote) and select the little gear icon
5- in the options you need to set FANART to ENABLED

Only Amber seems to need the extra settings. Hope that helps.