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Full Version: Were can I find information for id predefined?
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I'm starting skin for me. But I am confused about id. For example, I want add new menu on home menu bar.
And I need to define the id for new menu item on the bar without conflicting existing one.

In WiKi tutorial, there is a example (http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=HOW...skin_files)
It is saying id="7" for weather. But in Window ID link(http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Window_IDs) linked in that page is saying the "7" is for system info. FYI, I'm studying with Frodo of which home.xml saying "7" for weather.

1. Were can I find information for id predefined?
2. Also where can I find the predefined label of the menu (i.e Weather, Video, Music, Programs.. on the menu bar)?

The id "7" you're referring to is the id of the item in the list. That's unrelated to the window ID.

See IncludesHomeMenu.xml or thereabouts.
Thank you for clearance about id.
I was just confused due to the link of Window ID in that page. Anyway Now cleared.

And I finally found that the label of main menu is in string.po.
In fact, I had searched the string.xml file which don't exist in default build. Anyway I found those main menu strings are in string.po file.