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Full Version: Remote Control in XBMC on Linux
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Since XBMCBuntu 13.1 seems to have few minor problems (namely app which needs privilage won't run from menu but only from terminal). So I decide to install Lubuntu and set it up from there to be like XBMCBuntu and it works fine. Setting it to run XBMC session works really fine.

Booting into Desktop and launch XBMC on there works fine including MCE remote.

Then I tried to config MCE Remote to launch XBMC from MCE Button following this guide

Almost all works fine but launch XBMC from Remote press (irexec) has no power options (shutdown / reboot etc.). Unlike launch from menu / autostart script.

What step did I miss? Could someone give me a help on this?
So in the end I use dirty solution as run "sudo xbmc" in script and it works fine. Could use a better solution but for now this will do.