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Full Version: radio current song info not updating
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I tried different radio plugins (shoutcast, tunein, radio) and the current song info for the streams never updates. It always stays on the song the station gets started with. I double checked to see if the streams send meta data in other players (VLC, radium etc.) and it works perfectly. When I restart a channel the info gets updated as well. I would really get this to work. Can anyone point me into the right direction on howto do this?

using gotham 13.1. on OSX mavericks.

thanks in advance!

this question was already asked on the shoutcast plugin thread but never resolved. I thought it would be good to have a separate topic since it doesn't seem to be plugin related.
It depends entirely on how XBMC is connecting to the service. If it is via an add-on then it's going to be totally handled by that add-on.
you're saying that all those plugins I tried have the same bug/problem?

..and is there a way to try without the use of a plugin?
1. Maybe
2. No