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Full Version: Asking for emulator directory even when emulator is installed through Retroarch
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It does this with NES for me, I have not tested others, except PS1, which does not launch games that are added. This is in addition to controller issues with a wired 360.

In the mean time is there a directory to where FCEU for example is installed?

I suspect I will have to wait until a later release.
Huh? This is nothing to do with the cores retro arch installs, retroplayer looks for them in completely different places and treats them as addons so they need additional xml metadata. I you install them through the provided repository, everything should work, assuming you have built from garbears source or are using one of the pre-built solutions. Some of the cores require additional files providing (such as the PS1 cores) although this isn't clear from the interface and only shows up in the debug log.
I should have been more clear, I'm using the OpenELEC+Retroplayer 4.0.0 prebuilt from May, and for example I have an NES emulator installed through the repository, but when I go to create a config file through the Rom Collection Browser it does not prompt me for Retroarch to take care of it. As for the PS1 I will look at that.
Ahh, I've not tried working with RCB on a retroplayer build. I've not seen it mentioned if the current retroplayer branch actually supports the options that RCB used on previous versions to use the builtin player.
So yea how do you get games going on such a build then without RCB?
I just added a source under the new Games menu that pointed to a Roms folder. It then asks which core out of those that claim to support roms with that files extension to use to play the rom when you select one. I believe you can also use the file manager though I haven't used that method personally.
The main goal of the retroplayer implementation in XBMCs core was that it just works. you dont need RCB, you can just "play" any rom from the files section/library as if it was a movie.
Alright I will try that. Which build should I use: this one? http://xbmcnightlybuilds.com/openelec-re...-download/

or the x86_64 listed here: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=173361

or does something else altogether work optimally?
I went with compiling from source. How long does this take?
Quite a while and will depend on how fast your system is and what options you started make with.
now just a matter of getting it all on a usb stick