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Full Version: Finding out which properties are supported for a JSON function
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Let's say I want to use "Player.GetItem" and I look at http://wiki.xbmc.org/?title=JSON-RPC_API/v6.

The doc says it returned an item of type "List.Item.All". List.Item.All has properties like "channel", "starttime", etc..
It also extends "List.Item.Base", so you can go up the hierarchy.

But most of the properties are not supported. So far I had to just try out properties and see if they are returned. Is there a way to find this in the spec? Or in the XBMC source code?

List.Item.All is a collection of all possible properties but depending on the media type you can only get a subset. So when you use Player.GetItem on the music player you should know that you'll only get properties that are defined for songs. With the video player it's a bit more complicated since you don't know whether the video is a movie, episode or music video but in general the same principle applies.