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Full Version: how use Repo Github ?
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I do not know if I'm in the right place on the forum for this question
For several days I am trying to transfer my Mod Refocus Glass on Github repo, but I still encounter the same error when the software is launch . I sent a message to the team Github, but no response. I read on their Wiki, i must sent a report Bug, but I do not know how. I do not even know if I configured well information in the repo. It requests a file. Git and something else. Is someone can help me?
All this is complicated and I can not find information on the forum!

PC: W7
Well, I doubt the Skin Developement forum is the place to ask, since GitHub has nothing to do with skinning, but have you tried searching on Google for "clr20r3 error windows 7" or "clr20r3 error windows 7 fix"? Apparently, the CLR20r3 is not GitHub exclusive, so maybe you can find a solution in some other forums...

Have you followed the guide on GitHub during the set up?
Yes I found a tutorial for it. I changed software (works best) I managed to put 1 MOD (refocus Glass) but I do not get put Refocus Glass Light, it seems that there is a trouble with the Master. I looking for , I looking for Smile

May be necessary to move the topic?
It possible the Team to deleted this thread ?