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Full Version: a mystery Zip or not Zip !!!
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Hello community.
I really need your analysis on the problem. I created 2 MOD Refocus ( they are the same, just some difference in textures).
1 / Refocus Glass (without Textures.xbt)
2 / Refocus Glass Light (with Textures.xbt file)
since some days Refocus Glass Light is no longer possible to be installed on a Raspberry Pi (jeroen had thrown a look at the problem, and found a broken zip)
Zic is now done by Github, and it is still broken! Why?



Personally I do not know how other zip (I tried 7zip, winrar, and winzip) and it never works. So I made a montage on Github, a repo , thing that has pulled my hair so it's complicated.
Then I have done Textures.xbt file, it was an ordeal (Jeroen thank you), but I do not think I did a good file (I can not create a Build.bat, like other skin .. stay on the problem, the problem is:

Why, even a zip GitHub, it does not work for Refocus Glass light, while working fine for Refocus Glass.

Can you take a look, make an analysis, while it is beyond my skills and I'm in the dark for since days!

My Repo : https://github.com/FrissonReynald

Thank you very much