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Full Version: View physical channel numbers?
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I am trying to setup my channels to be the correct name and virtual channel (like 4.1, 6.1, 6.2, 6.3,...). I know all the physical RF channels, for instance my channel 18.1 fox has a physical RF channel of 49. If there was a way that I can use Argus to tell me what a scanned channel's physical RF channel was I can more easily figure out what to label that channel. I also get multiple PBS, MeTV, and CW stations from different towns that have different RF channels but have the same content but since they are farther away it is hard to tell which one I should use. The quality of these channels may be perfect now when I set them up but there are times that these stations that are farther away losses signal straight, if I new the RF channel I can more easily set up my local channel.