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Full Version: Custom Action for Steroscopic Mode
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[/b]Having a bit of trouble with a custom action. I'm sure its very simple to solve but the combinations I've tried have all failed.

Simply, I'm trying to create a custom action as a sub menu of a skin that activates steroscopic mode in SBS and one that turns it off. Easy! From the list of built-in functions, this has been added with the Gotham release...

SetStereoMode Changes the stereo mode of the GUI. Params can be: toggle, next, previous, select, tomono or any of the supported stereomodes (off, split_vertical, split_horizontal, row_interleaved, hardware_based, anaglyph_cyan_red, anaglyph_green_magenta, monoscopic)

My issue is that I would typically follow basic syntax, ActionName(Parm) but in this case, that isn't working...

Turn on SBS 3D mode would like like this
Turn off 3D mode would like this

But no! Those are not working... Best I've been able to do so far is just use the toggle action
but this action takes no arguments... but it works as a toggle...

What simple stupid thing am I doing wrong?
Thanks for the help...
Ah, built-in function SetStereoMode not work. I'll fix this.
(2014-08-12, 10:18)taxigps Wrote: [ -> ]Ah, built-in function SetStereoMode not work. I'll fix this.

Great. Thank you. I thought this would never get answered...
Would like to know when it's fixed too please.
(2014-08-16, 18:52)taxigps Wrote: [ -> ]fixed at https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/commit/ed44...7ba025603a

How do I apply this to my XBMC Gotham Build?
BUMP... How do I apply this fix?
You'd have to read up on how to compile XBMC (wiki), which can be a challenge on some OSes. I've done it on Ubuntu, but I've never tried to backport a change like that to a stable build. Honestly, if you really need it, I'd just use a nightly build (wiki). Some skins still need updating for the Helix builds, but most stuff is usable for day-to-day use.