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Full Version: Display http image in XBMC
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is there any way of displaying image from the web through http? I would like to be able to stream radar images from the web which are updated every 15 minutes. I've tried through the .strm file by adding simply URL but nothing happens. Here is the image URL: http://www.arso.gov.si/vreme/napovedi%20.../radar.gif

It should work in an STRM file if you add gif as a video file type: http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Inc...file_types
Thanks for the reply, I've tried it and the thing that happens is that XBMC only blinks and nothing gets played. I think this happens because XBMC thinks that it is a video of a length of 0 seconds. When I try this link http://www.arso.gov.si/vreme/napovedi%20...r_anim.gif, which is animated gif, video gets played for 3 secs and XBMC exits video player. Is there any way to make this video repeat until I press stop or suspend it in video player to be paused?
You should be able to just put the http link in the texture section of an image label in the skin. The problem is that if the name of the image never changes, XBMC will keep using a cached copy. I know the Weather Underground add-on uses a little bit of python to download the radar image to a unique name and then sets a window property to show the actual image.
Thanks for all the help. I've just made m3u playlist and put it on repeat. Only problem I still have is with the non animated gifs played in video player.