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Full Version: Argus TV Plugin uses proxy
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the argus tv plugin works perfectly until I enter in proxy details for internet access. Then it cannot connect - obviously because it's trying to use my internet proxy to connect to a box on my local network.

Is there a way around this, or could the argus tv plugin developer patch the plugin to ignore the xbmc proxy and try to connect straight to the server?

I'm having this issue,now, in 2015. Can anyone point me twords a solution?
Afraid I never found a solution, and nobody has posted here, so... Sad
There is no solution. The addon is using Kodi PVR API calls to access the ArgusTV JSONRPC API.
In the past, we bypassed Kodi and used curl directly, but this was not allowed because of dependency issues on Linux/Mac/Android system.
As a consequence of this Team request, all calls to the backend go through the Kodi core and as far as I can see, there is no PVR API option to tell Kodi not to use the proxy options.