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Full Version: Video is always played in wrong language
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I have 13.1 isntalled, and whenever I start a video that has two audio streams, it always plays the English audio. I have set the video settings to play German by default, and my video has a German audio track as the first track. However, it is not played, XBMC choses the second track (english). Why?
There are a number of things that could be causing this, but to start with you need to interrogate that file with MediaInfo and check 2 things:

1. Which of those audio streams is marked as the default audio stream inside the container ?

2. What is the language of each of those audio streams actually set to inside the container, in the stream itself.

MediaInfo will give you that information.

There is a possibility that when the files in question were encoded, the German audio streams were not marked as German properly, so although they are actually German audio streams, XBMC thinks they are English, and therefore reverts to playing whichever audio stream is marked as the default in he container.

Just a theory, but definitely worth checking to start with.