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Full Version: Changing Username?
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So, when I registered I fat fingered slightly and misspelled my "standard" forum user name. By the time I noticed it had already been quite some time, and I didn't want to create a new account, so I've just been living with it. On a whim today I did a Google search for changing a username in myBB and found that there is an option available in edit profile if your in a group with those privileges.


Is that something that could be enabled, or could I request that my username by changed to pkscout? If I can get my forum username changed, I'll update that in the add ons I maintain.

better? Smile
Much, thank you so much. It's one of those little things that has annoyed me, but I felt so stupid asking about it.
Quick, make a post - you can have your 1000th under your new name