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Full Version: (Gotham 13.1) Subtitle download button is not working
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I've enabled the subtitles add-ons from settings but when I click on the download subtitle button, the gui closes and the movie continues to play.

Same bug on retouched
The default skin works fine.
(2014-07-09, 16:40)hardkhora Wrote: [ -> ]
(2014-07-07, 21:08)Virtureal Wrote: [ -> ]The problem is because the DialogSubtitles.xml file has been renamed to DialogSubtitles.xml.xml, rename it back and it works.

I am still having this problem with the most recent release (13.1). Where is the DialogSubtitles.xml.xml file?
From: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid...pid1749884
I don't know where the file is but this might be the solution to the problem for touched, since I'm told it fixes the problem for re-touched.