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Full Version: Video choppy, driving me nuts!
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Here is my system. Can someone please help me figure out why video is choppy? It's not BAD, but I can definitely tell that it's not smooth.

i7-2700k, Integrated Intel HD3000, Realtec High Definition Audio OR Intel Display Audio (through HDMI)
Windows 7 Ultimate
Samsung SSD 840 SD hard drive

Video always slightly choppy no matter what I do.

XBMC is 12.3 stable.

I also have these vid cards available to possibly use:

GTX 260


Radeon HD 5870

If I can't get this to run via integrated video (is that the prob?)... which of these cards would be better to use for HD video?
Update to XBMC v13.1 and then check your audio settings (yes, your audio settings) to make sure they're set up correctly.
Better yet, try running OpenElec from a thumb drive and see if video plays correctly. If so the issue is settings or drivers in Windows.
I would definitely take a look at OpenElec, my celeron chromebox running OpenElec is WAY faster than my Win7 machine that is roughly 4 times more powerful!