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Full Version: Global Search - how can i make it search on more than just titles?
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Huh Hi, I am in desperate need of some help. I need to make global search look at additional fields within movies when performing a search. I currently only looks at title. but i want it to look at Genre, year, Plot Outline etc.

This is very frustrating as such a great resource for media management has such a limited search function.

I have been looking at the XML and Python and i think it uses parametres within gui.py but i am not sure how to edit these to make it look at other fields other than movie title.

help!!! pretty please.

Why not use a Smart Playlist?
I need it to be dynamic from a very simple gui such as the single interface in Global Search. needs to allow user input and then that input is searched across titles, genres, plot, year etc.

Smart Lists are great but may be too many steps for this application. Thanks :-)