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Full Version: Problems with TMDb
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So I just started using XBMC (so I'm 13.1) and I added most of my movies, scraped info using TMDb and all seemed well. However, I noticed that it did not get any information about the cast. Refreshing it doesn't do anything and all the other information seems to be there. I read in another forum post that there were slight changes in how the information is stored on TMDb and that a fix was issued. So I checked the add-ons and tried to update it.

There I discovered, I had more issues. I tried to follow instructions for updating the add-ons but found that after I selected XMBC.org Add-ons, I didn't even have a movie information section. I tried check for updates and force refresh but nothing has changed. I also tried deleting the userdata/addons folder and the addons16.db. Again, nothing has changed.

I downloaded an updated version of TMDb scraper and manually installed it as a zip. That still didn't fix the issue of not scraping the actors, so I tried manually installing the Universal Movie Scraper. However it won't even let me install this as it says I'm missing dependencies.

Sorry for the long post, but what's causing these issues? How should I go about fixing them?