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Full Version: Changing xbmc resolution with json makes xbmc hangs
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Hi. I'm trying to switch my screen resolution through xbmc to add this option to a python script.
I obtain the allowed resolutions with this query:
{"jsonrpc":"2.0","method":"Settings.getSettings", "params":{"filter":{"section":"system","category":"videoscreen"}},"id":1}
And i use the value i wanted in this request of setting change:
{"jsonrpc":"2.0","method":"Settings.SetSettingValue", "params":{"setting":"videoscreen.resolution","value":27},"id":1}

But when i set the resolution with the 2nd query the os (windows) switch to the right resolution but xbmc hangs and doesn't respond anymore. If the video is playing the audio keeps playing. I had to manually kill the process.
If i select the same resolution from settings windows it works well.
What i'm doing wrong?
Here's a log:
Actually it happens only with "fake fullscreen" option enabled. with true fullscreen it works.
It's probably a problem of the confirmation dialog of the resolution change that xbmc isn't able to show in windowed mode from json rpc... But it's still a bug
This is a known issue. The code to switch resolution/display/refreshrate is so complex that it breaks everytime someone tries to change something in there.

There are other settings that show similar issues and all of them include a user interaction like a confirmation dialog.
Actually even with full screen doesn't work always properly. Sometimes it shows the yes/no dialog but with arrows i can't select yes or no and it works only with mouse...