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Full Version: Cant Find RetroPlayer (openelec) Application Location
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Hi there just found retroplayer very impressed Smile Im running the 4.06 openelec version and having some troubles. I'm trying to set up advancelauncher to load the inbuilt emulators, but I cant find the application executable. Any ideas guys ?
Did you already find an solution for openelec?
As the emulators and built in to OpenELEC, you might have more luck if you ask on their forum.
Just to make sure, You have to use an unofficial openelec retro player build. The official version of openelec does not include openelec.

I assume you will have to turn on the option "show hidden files and folders" in System --> appearance --> files

Then navigate to /storage/.xbmc/addons to find the binaries.
ok I got it. This is working with openelec:
<args>-a 'PlayMedia(%rom%)'</args>
glad you figured it out, thanks for posting the solution for others