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Full Version: Playlist for unwatched movies where the source has multipul values
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Morning all,

Sorry I did search but couldn't find anything, hopefully not created a question answered several times.

So running OpenELEC 4.0.7 and a NAS.
I have four movie directories,

Is it possible to create a playlist where the source is anyone of those four folders but the view count is less than one?

I can get it to work on one of folders but as soon as I add a second source computer says no.

Any help would be really appreciated.
For XBMC I think it requires two smart playlists. One to combined the four specific directories, and another to filter out the watched count. However, you could just use the first playlist and then use the general "hide watched" view option/filter.
You sir, are a hero. A king among kings.

First playlist for all movies (in use regardless) then the second playlist piggy-backs of the first one. It's so simple!

Thanks Smile