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Full Version: Changing the order of menu items
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On my new Fire TV XBMC install where I have very few buttons available on the remote, I'd like to change the order of the items on the context menu around slightly.

Currently it is
  • Queue item
  • Play from here
  • Add to favourites
  • Movie Information
  • Mark as watched
  • Manage

Instead I'd like to have "Movie Information" as the first item, and "Mark as watched" as the 2nd.

Also, in the side menu, I'd like to move the "Update library" action to the top.

Doing this would give me access to the most frequently used features for me with fewer button presses. can someone please give me pointers on how I would go about making this happen ?
You can't do that inside Confluence - i.e. it requires a change of code.

Note that you can switch the default select item to pop up the movie info instead as a quicker option for that.
Changing code in the core of xbmc ? Or modifying xml files within the skin.confluence directory ? If it's the latter then I should be able to manage Smile
The former.