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Full Version: Missing menu item
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This is my first question posted here so maybe I'm posting in the wrong subforum. I'm running XBMC on a QNAP 269L and it just got updated to 12.3 Frodo. Before I used to have a menu item called Movies under Videos which contained all Movies with cover images. After the upgrade this menu item is no longer present and I can't find a setting to get it back. Now I only have 'Files' and 'Add ons' as menu items Huh
It's not the menu item who is missing, it's the database, or link to it at least
Movies sub-menu under video appears only when at least a directory of videos has been scanned and added to the library

I don't know how works XBMC on a QNAP but you definitely should search in this direction (new install don't use same path as old one or there is a symlink missing perhaps ?)
Thanks CrashOver1D!
Now it works as expected. I actually tried this early on but must have missed something when tagging it as movies.

Glad it works, Enjoy :-)