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Full Version: First build, which OS?
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Hey guys. i currently have my main gaming rig that i also connect up to my tv to watch things like netflix, and sky go on.
However i am thinking about building a XBMC mini itx rig. i am almost decided on the hardware i will be using, however i dont know what OS would be best. i was originally going windows, however i also saw alot of forums mention OpenElec and XBMCbuntu. i am very tempted with the OpenElec route, however i want to be able to either get netflix and sky plugins for XBMC of at least be able to access the site from the XBMC interface. so i am not sure if the Linux route would work.?
any advice on whether it is even possible to get Netflix and Sky go to work on windows or linux XBMC boxes and how to do either would be amazing.?
XBMCbuntu if you need Netflix. I'm not sure about Sky Go.

See http://www.webupd8.org/2013/08/pipelight...linux.html and http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=178693
Openelec is just fantastic.
IMHO it's worth going with a nearly free Roku for services it does not support.
Or you could use playon but I thinks it more trouble than it's worth given how well the Roku works.
not taking into account the plugins you want I would suggest an OS you are familiar with. You will run into enough problems not related to OS but having one you know how to configure things makes the process easier. I love linux and only use it myself for XBMC but if you have little experience with that OS use windows or whatever OS you work with most.
You will spend less time searching forums for answers if you use Windows. I could never get Linux distros to work right but everything works out the box on Windows and there are the Netflix apps for Win 8.
XBMC on Win7/8 IMHO is a mess.
There is just so much MS junk you have to contend with.

Openelec takes all the pain away from XBMC implementation.
I can have a Pi or a Zotac box up and running from scratch in less than 10 min.
And its rock solid.
well i am a windows user normally, so i am very very tempted by that. i was originally going to go with windows. but just saw so many posts saying that XBMCbuntu and OpenElec were so brilliant that i thought i would put in some research. and it does seem that the Linux route is easiest and cheapest. However the main reason behind my choice to build this box is i am tired of hooking up my gaming rig to my tv to watch Sky Go and Netflix, and having a seperate box would be ideal.
or could i just keep my gaming rig connected permanantly and use a remote. haha?
Personally, I wanted my htpc to just work, thats why I went with windows. I started with 7 and eventually upgraded to 8. I didnt want to spend half my time fussing around with linux (and yes I do use linux regularly on an other pc). I love windows 8 for the start menu. It makes a great 10ft UI that you can navigate with a remote. I also WMC for PVR and live tv and have a script that will close wmc and launch xbmc then relaunch wmc upon closing xbmc. VERRY wife freindly. I installed openelec on an old laptop in the bedroom so I dould relocate the firetv and she threw the remote at me out of fustration. Needless to say, the firetv stayed in the room.

You could always use a remote for your gaming rig, but im just assuming that it's not exactly a power sipper.

I feel that the best thing is to use an os you are comfortable with.