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Full Version: Use Openelec Keymap in other versions
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I have xvmc working on both an openelec installation and a PC.
The openelec handles greatly the keys from my wireless keyboard (Logitech Di Novo Mini) and from the official XBMCRemote app on my ipad/iphone, meaning that while i'm watching a video and specially a DVD, the skip key gets me to the next chapter and on a video it skips 10 minutes.
On my pc, with the very same peripherals, only the up/down and left/right buttons from the mini keyboard are working, the ones on the iOS app are useless during playback and if I use the skip button, on each of these devices or even with the mouse and the osd, it tries to load the next video in playlist and restarts the dvd.
Is There a way to replicate how openelec works on my pc? I tried using the keymaps found in /usr/share/xbmc/system/keymap/ from my openelec, but it doesn't change the behavior of the PC at all.

Can someone help me?
You can customize keymaps yourself.. check within the wiki, there is pretty good instruction.
I tried and nothing did the trick.
After hours of trying multiple ways to change the mapping, it tried a fresh install on my laptop and the standard behavior was the same that on openelec.
So I deleted the guisettings.xml in the userdata folder and everything went back to normal. Something must have gone wrong during an update.
Thanks anyway.