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Full Version: TIDAL music (former WiMP)
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Discussion and bug reporting thread for the TIDAL/WiMP add-on. See wiki page for install instruction.

Disclaimer: this is an unofficial client and is not supported nor endorsed by Tidal.
unfortunately it is not available in italy, i signed the mailing list to stay tuned.
good addon.
Been waiting for a Wimp-addon for XBMC.

Will try this out as soon as the Hifi has been rigged.
I'm looking forward to try this later today. I'm using af danish wimp premium account.

Thank you!
It's working for me on raspbmc with 13.1 beta! (from germany)

But on Lubuntu it's not working, neither with 12.3, 13.1 or 13.2.
On Frodo the installation failed saying 'Dependencies not met!' on Gotham the installation works but when I try to execute the Add-On it says Script Error.
I can't access the log files right now but it said that the last lines called where line ~22 in the addons.py where the wimpy stuff is imported.

This is really promising so far! The only hope to get wimp working on linux, thanks a lot!


Got it to work on a regular Ubuntu 14.04 Installation with XBMC 13.1. I did the installation with these lines:

sudo apt-get install python-software-properties pkg-config
sudo apt-get install software-properties-common
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:team-xbmc/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install xbmc

And I believe the first two lines to be somehow crucial for the wimp add on to work. First the Add On would not execute, with the 'Working...' indicator turning endlessly. After a reboot it worked!

It's not working with openelec 4.0.7. and 4.1.2 though, installation fails (Dependencies not met!), after a reboot it installs, but than fails at execution. I have uploaded a log here (the wimp stuff starts around line 473).
I doesn't work on my boxee box running xbmc 13.1. Neither does the nrk script you made so i guess there are some unmet dependencies required for running your add on's as mentioned by phobonym
Thanks! I'll try as soon as it works on openelec Smile
The dependency problems should be fixed now. (Use zip link in first post)
Excellent! You just made my boxee box perfect
Yes, yes! Smile It's working now. I only tested it on Manjaro (where didn't work before) and now it's working. Since the error was the same on all distributions I assume it should work on the others also. Will test openelec soon.

Thanks a lot takoi! If you find the time and muse you might want to look into the playlists, mine are all sorted wrong. But this is great so far anyways!

Update: It's working on openlelec! Very nice Smile
Hi, will this in the future be able to handle Wimp HIFI?
Sure. Probably, maybe. They have to add support for it to the web player first.
Thank you very much for this addon - it works really great with my german Wimp account!

One question: have you planned to implement also "Favorite Playlists" - that would be great!
(2014-08-23, 09:21)adb76 Wrote: [ -> ]One question: have you planned to implement also "Favorite Playlists" - that would be great!
Afaik, when you star a playlist it will be added to 'my playlist'. There is no 'favorite playlists'