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Full Version: TIDAL music (former WiMP)
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Oh, snap.

I was just updating my email address so I could ask Steve100 for the working keys, really generous. Well, too late.

I would gladly register my kodi/coreelec box on Tidal website. I just don't want to buy another dedicated streamer just for Tidal. I have a working DAC and prefer Coreelec's way of handling audio streams.

Hope Arneson's plan will work. We (I) really appreciate your work @arneson

Take care everyone.
Any updates on the api key / drm protected title errors ?

I think I found the file with the four different api keys that were referred to earlier. However, only the one 'Master-Only(Else Error)' seems to work, and since I don't have a master subscription, that won't do me much good.

Is there no way to get an API key specifically for this Add-on?

Best regards.
Same procedure as always, apiKey.py at Yaronzz': 'Android Auto' works fine here.

Works here too.
Yes, works again with the keyset from platform:Android Auto(thanks!), it says that the token will expire on 14 February so we'll have it for another week.
Arnesons addon will take care of refreshing the token automatically... I'd say...
(2022-02-07, 09:44)C.O.D. Wrote: [ -> ]Same procedure as always, apiKey.py at Yaronzz': 'Android Auto' works fine here.

Hi, how to set "Android Auto" platform?
Apparently I had the wrong source for `apiKey.py`.
Mentioning "Yaronzz" was helpful. 
I now got it working, too.

So thanks a bunch.
search on google "apikey.py tidal", first result should be a github page of "yaronzz", navigate on the page to Tidal-Media-Downloader/TIDALDL-PY/tidal-dl/apiKey.py and from that file copy one by one the clientId and clientSecret from <<"platform": "Android Auto">> in your Tidal app settings from Kodi. Logoff and login again in Tidal app and it should work for now.
Thanks to all of you - works perfect. Master and non-master.
Hi friens , There is no Tidal Plugin under Music Addons , kodi 19 mac os and linux version , how to nstall externally , thank you ...
installed Tidal2 app from zip  and how to get OAuth2 Device Login   ?
i found api key from this link , everything ok but i got errro "Track is DRM projected"  how to fix ?  

Hi TIDAL2 fans,

because the login is still working with my TIDAL2 addon, I created some interesting extensions for it.

The new version is V2.1.0 and it contains following changes:
  • If a selected track/video/album item has multiple artists and you select "Show artist" in the context menu, you can select the artist you want to see in a popup window.
  • The TIDAL2 addon can now show the TIDAL lyrics using the CU LRC Lyrics addon from Kodi (see below, how you can install it)
  • Because it's hard to find a valid combination of client id and secret values to login via OAuth2 into TIDAL,
    I added a "Device selector dialog" to select a device type from a TIDAL apk file (see below how it works).

If you don't use my TIDAL2 repository, you can download the new addon here (for Kodi >= 19): plugin.audio.tidal2-2.1.0.zip
The corresponding context menu addon is also updated with a few bugfixes (for Kodi >= 19): context.item.tidal2-0.2.2.zip
For the Kodi Leia versions you have to look into the "until-leia" branch

And the repository addon has also a new Version V0.2.1. This version is changed to a newer addon.xml structure to support multiple Kodi version. It now can be used for Kodi 18.9, 19.x and 20.x.
You can find the new repository here: repository.tidal2-0.2.1.zip

Using the TIDAL2 Lyrics Scraper with the CU LRC Lyrics addon:

The TIDAL2 addon now contains a lyrics scraper for the CU LRC Lyrics addon from Kodi. Because the lyric scapers in the CU LRC Lyrics addon
are placed into a subfolder of this addon, my TIDAL2 Lyrics scraper has to be placed into this subfolder.

Install the TIDAL2 Lyrics scaper:
  1. Open the "Options" tab in the TIDAL2 addon settings
  2. Click to "Enable lyrics"
  3. Click to "Install CU LRC Lyrics addon" if the addon isn't installed yet
  4. Click to "Install TIDAL lyrics scraper" to integrate my TIDAL2 lyrics scaper into the CU LRC Lyrics addon
  5. Restart Kodi to be sure that the CU LRC Lyrics addon service can find the TIDAL2 lyrics scaper.
Now the lyrics are ready to be displayed. The lyrics are displayed in the fullscreen visualization mode of the Kodi music player.
If you want to switch the lyrics screen on and off with a hotkey or a remote button, you can use a setting in your keyboard.xml file within your userdata/keymaps folder like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

This example defines the key "t" to switch the lyrics player dialog on and off.
I use this in my living room with LibreELEC and a Flirc IR receiver. The "t" button is used to switch subtitles on and of for movies.
Now I can use the subtitles button on my IR remote to switch the lyrics player on and off.

Please note:  If the CU LRC Lyrics addon is updated, the TIDAL Lyrics sraper is removed from the scrapers folder. Then you have to call "Install TIDAL lyrics scraper" again within the TIDAL2 addon settings.

Using the "Device Selector Dialog" to get a working client id for the TIDAL login:

The client device ids and secrets which have to be used for the OAuth2 login method for TIDAL are built into the Android TIDAL app.
There are a lot of Android devices (Mobile phones, tablets, Fire Tv, Android TV, ...) which can use the TIDAL app.
Different type of devices uses different ids. Also the ids can be different in each TIDAL application version.
Most of the device types uses DRM to play music streams, but there are many device types which work without DRM and can be used in the TIDAL2 addon.
Other device type are special devices which uses a different authentication method. Those device types don't work at all in TIDAL2.

Here is how you find a working device type:

  1. Download an original TIDAL Android APK file (search the web for "TIDAL apk mirror" and you will find a lot).
    The actual version today is 2.58.1. But you can try any version starting from 2.16.0.
  2. Put the APK file somewhere where your Kodi has access to.
  3. If you use a network share, this can make problems with embedded Kodi devices like Android boxes.
    Then you can try to use an USB drive or copy the APK with the Kodi file manager into an internal folder.
Select a device:
  1. Open the TIDAL2 addon settings.
  2. Click to "Select device type from TIDAL APK file"
  3. A file picker dialog appears. Search and select your downloaded TIDAL apk file.
  4. Then the addon reads the integrated device list from the APK file. This can take some seconds on a slower device !
  5. A list of available devics is shown where you can select one of you choice.
    Please note: There are only few ones which will work ! See the table below for a few working device types I found.
  6. After you have selected a device type, the client id and secret is placed into the internal addon settings and is used for the next login.
  7. Now you have to login again into TIDAL. You can use the "Login" main menu item or the HTTP login page of the TIDAL2 addon:
         for example: http://localhost:5555/client
         If the port is not 5555, go to the "Extended" tab in the TIDAL2 addon settings and look for the "IP-Port for Fanart HTTP Server".
Some working device types I found:
  • "Automotive" : Ths one is working great and also for Master quality, but not for Dolby Atmos.
    This device type is included in any TIDAL APK starting with version 2.23.1 until the actual version 2.58.1.
  • "Tv Dolby Atmos" : This one works for everything, including Master and Dolby Atmos.
    This device type is included in many APKs but only the TIDAL APK versions 2.37.0 and 2.37.1 contain different ids which work without DRM.
  • "Tv" : This device type of the TIDAL APK versions 2.37.0 and 2.37.1 ist also working including Master, but without Dolby Atmos.
  • "Tv Non Drm Dolby Atmos" : This device type is in TIDAL APK from version 2.26.1 to 2.36.2 and works also for everything.

If you want to use your own combination of client id and secret wihch you found somewhere, you can abort the file selection dialog.
Then the addon asks you if you want to clear the existing device type.
If you answer with yes, you can use your own id/secret as before as in the old TIDAL2 addon version.

I hope that this new features are working within your Kodi environment. I tested a lot with different Kodi versions and operating systems to ensure that everything is working.
My test platforms are:
  • Kodi 18.9 and 19.4 on MacOS Monterey (Intel CPU) - this is my developer platform
  • Kodi 17.6, 18.9, 19.4 and 20 Alpha on Windows 10
  • LibreELEC 9 and 10 on a Raspberry Pi 4
  • LineageOS 17.1 and 18.1 on a Raspberry Pi 4 (to test the Android versions of Kodi because I don't have a native Android device to use)
    Note: The Android Kodi version 19.4 on Lineage 18.1 (Android 11 64 Bit) seems to have a bug in its Zipfile-class. This version fails to unzip APK files.

Enjoy the new version Wink
Thanks Arneson. I managed to update repo and addon and to get lyrics working. Haven't used the context menu or the device menu yet but great to have all these tools. Well done.