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Full Version: Clear/change movie set art?
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I have a movie set where I first had "part 2" when the set was created, so the set poster was used from part 2.

Now I would like to change it to the "part 1" image. However, when selecting "Manage/Change art", I can only add standalone image files as set art, but not images from the movies within the set.

Is there a way to clear the movie set art, so that XBMC automatically sets it to the cover art of the first part?
Or, alternatively, a way to access the movie art from existing movies from with the "Change art" menu?

(BTW, I already tried removing all movies from within the set, so that it no longer appears, but it seems internally the set metadata is still not cleared)
Navigate to the required movieset, but don't open it. Open the context menu and choose manage, then 'choose art'. Select 'poster' or whatever, and then in the next screen choose 'browse'. If you then open the top folder marked '*item folder' you should then see all the art for each movie in the set.

You can also, instead of choosing 'browse' choose 'no art' in which case your current art will be removed.

Unfortunately, "*item folder" does not show any art (I don't have added any art manually, all movie art has been scraped).

Also, choosing "no art" does not help, because it will not trigger XBMC selecting a new poster...
Then just download the poster that you want, drop it in a directory and use the choose art option to navigate to it. In respect of XBMC's handling of art for sets, it's nowhere near as good as the handling of art for individual movies and some manual intervention is needed (in my experience anyway) if you want your collections to look good and have custom posters etc.

I wouldn't have thought that using the built in scrapers would have made a difference, but then it's a while since I let XBMC scrape anything as I manage all my videos with a third party manager.
Its works fine here from scraped art, pretty much like black eagle outlined, you can change the set cover to any of the posters the included movies you have in that set, and or change the individual posters for each of the movies you have in set.

item folder is only for artwork you store locally so you wouldn't select that, but exactly like black_eagle said works for the set poster.

To change the individual movies that belong to a set (ok this is a little weid as the context menu choose art doesnt show up probably bug), you need to select set, go into that set (so the individual movies show up, select the movie you wish to modify and bring up information, then select choose art, then select poster and so on and on..

You can still add any art you want both locally and existing remotely via scraper,

If you continue to experience issues post Debug log (wiki) and screenshots of what you trying to do and how.