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Full Version: 3D & 2D library management of the same movie?
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Not sure if this is right place to post...

I have the same movie in both 3D & 2D.
Trying to make it easy for the family to pick the right version.

I use Media Center Master but sometimes just let XBMC sort it out.
They currently show up as duplicates as the same movie in the library.
Is there away to automatically differentiate at the cover art level?
I've tried a couple different naming conventions with no luck.
I'm not concerned about playback on the openelec boxes as I only play 3D from Windows a windows box.

Any help on this would greatly be appreciated.
i have the same issue. any info on the matter?
Only download the 3D version. Kodi is capable of converting it to 2D.

When you play a 3d movie go to the video settings and change the stereoscopic mode to over/under or SBS depending on the video. Set it as the default. You should see in the player controls a 3D menu. You can select 2D or microscopic.

I dont know if the newer version might be able to show that menu when its set to auto but on the beta it has to be manually set to over under or side by side.
indeed. very good idea. i didn't know that. will definitly remove the 2D version when i run out of space. Nevertheless it is not the best scenario as as i have a couple of devices where i don't have XBMC as player. Example: regular TV that can play the movie over my LAN.
i still use XBMC in that context to explore my library and chose a movie and accordingly would still like to see directly in the library if the movie is a 3D one or regular somehow.
Make use of a playlist to separate the 2D and the 3D movies and add those to your home screen.
Works best if you store also the movies separate.
In the info screen choose to rename movie and change it to (eg) Avatar 3D. Then it is easy to work out which is what.

You still get it twice, but you can easily see which to play in any given scenario.

Also the problem with playing the 3D version in 2D only is that your 3D version is probably only half resolution (ie HSBS or HTAB). You may be prepared to put up with that for the glory of 3D, but when watching in 2D you might prefer full resolution! Hence needing 2 copies.