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Full Version: Black screen during playback - audio continues
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Hi Guys,

I have a problem with a newly installed XBMC, 13.2 beta2 for android (arm cpu)
I have a Vega s89-h box (amlogic 802 hardware)

When I try to play a video only the sound plays, and I can see the video time moving forward but the video itself does not show, rather posts a black screen.

If I exit XBMC and try a different player: youtube/ mxplayer than all is o.k.

The device is rooted. I killed all other video apps in the background and disabled them forcefully.
I tried switching between all the hardware/software acceleration modes with no luck.

Is it possible that despite the device is rooted that XBMC is missing some permissions? I didn't see a popup asking to grant XBMC any root permissions while it was running.

Any suggestions as to what might be the cause?

Could this be some plugin that I installed, is there a way to look it up in the logs somewhere?