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Full Version: [Module] youtube-dl - multi-site playable URL resolver
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ruuk - Is the yt dload feature now gone in the add-on coz I haven't been able to get it to work in months. The dload ability made this one of the best add-ons, it would be great if it was fixable. Otherwise do you know of an alternative at all? Thanks.
Hi @ruuk ,

We currently use youtube-dl as a dependency of our add-on, but we see that your add-on has not been updated since June. Do you provide to update it with the last Youtube-DL core version?

Thank you!
Will do.
Can I add options in a youtube-dl.conf-file? Where should I put it?
I'm using the sendtokodi-app to play (https://github.com/firsttris/plugin.video.sendtokodi) to play streams from svtplay.se. Is it possible to use the --geo-bypass option to play georestricted content?
(2018-10-21, 01:59)sy6sy2 Wrote: [ -> ]Hi @ruuk ,

We currently use youtube-dl as a dependency of our add-on, but we see that your add-on has not been updated since June. Do you provide to update it with the last Youtube-DL core version?

Thank you!
Hi, first thank you for working on this. Your addon helps me a lot.

I'm working on my first addon and I'm using your youtube-dl addon for stream resolving.
Everything is working fine so far, except that the core version is out-of-date (2018.11.07).
I've seen there is a "updateCore" function inside "yd_private_libs", but I don't know how to call it from within my addon.
It would be nice if you can provide a simple example.

I think it's very important for the youtube-dl addon that it's up-to-date.
So it would be nice if the end users could easily update the core via a settings entry within my addon.

Thanks Smile
Hello! I was using this add-in the past. Now after re-installation of Kodi, I get only some XML text file instead of downloaded video. Am I doing anything wrong? Text file is about 6kB for any video and begins with this. Thanks, Jan

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<MPD xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns="urn:mpeg:dashConfusedchema:mpd:2011" xmlns:xlink="http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink" xsiConfusedchemaLocation="urn:mpeg:dashConfusedchema:mpd:2011 http://standards.iso.org/ittf/PubliclyAv...SH-MPD.xsd" minBufferTime="PT1.5S" mediaPresentationDuration="PT260S" type="static" profiles="urn:mpeg:dash:profile:isoff-main:2011">
Hi @ruuk, could you update the core to the latest version, some videos couldn't be resolved with the current version, but it works with the latest version of youtube-dl, for example "wIft-t-MQuE". Thanks!
I am having trouble with the extendedinfo script which uses youtube-dl. DaVu said I should post the problem here. I am running Estuary on KODI v18.0 on w10. The log:
Here's a wish list thing:  When youtube-dl saves a video it strips out all unicode in the filename.  I looked a little at the code, and couldn't see exactly how the filename is constructed.  It seems to get it from an info dict.  I'm guessing at some point it is getting utf-8 encoded text and not decoding it to unicode string.

scott s.
Dear all, may be someone can help me out. Thanks for the great work. I am using youtube-dl as a dependency of my add-on. I have issues downloading YouTube videos with separate Audio and Video streams. Some videos are only available in low resolution (480p) when both the video and audio are in one file. However, the same video may be available in HD as separate audio and video streams. I know, with youtube-dl at command-line, it is possible to download both audio and video separately, which are later merged into a single file after download; for example any of the following commands will achieve that:
    1.   youtube-dl -f bestvideo[ext=mp4]+bestaudio[ext=m4a] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ew2NOCWulF4
    2.  youtube-dl -f 136+140 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ew2NOCWulF4
How can I achieve the above in Kodi using youtube-dl? I have been successful if both Audio and Video are in a single file.
Thanks in advance
Kodi 18 with youtube-dl version 2018.11.07

 YDStreamExtractor.download( info, downloadPath, template=template)
Returns a value without the downloaded path, but if you use the API which provides a progress dialog then it does. It seems that
class YoutubeDLWrapper(youtube_dl.YoutubeDL).progressCallback returns because _CALLBACK is not set before the path is stored:

        if not _CALLBACK:
        if info.get('filename'):
            self._lastDownloadedFilePath = info.get('filename')

Of course I may be misunderstanding the code :-)
Thanks for this great addon, using it with sendtokodi addon to send videos via network easily.

Im really waiting for a youtube-dl core update, since some sites are not working anymore with 2018.11.07 (e.g. ORF TVthek), as others have noticed here. Is there a way to update just the core manually, without breaking the addon?
Thanks in advance   Smile

Thanks for this great addon...

Recently I began receiving the following error when trying to play or download a video from Youtube via "ExtendedInfo": No YouTube ID Found.
Any help would be much appreciated ...

I'm posting the kodi.log:

Thanks for all your help!
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