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Full Version: Recently added For Video Nodes
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Hi, i have been trying to add new menu buttons to my skin, and is all good i have the video node separating the documentaries from the series and home videos and it looks greate, but when it comes to the recently added it shows the general ones from all the tv shows database, is there a way to filter those like in the video nodes?
here is what i have done:

---------This is the video Node:-----------

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
<node order="10" type="filter">
<rule field="path" operator="contains">ftp://Mynas/My Documentaries and Cultural/</rule>

is there a way to filter latest episode from path:// ?

-----here is the Recnetly added----Includeshomerecentlyadded.xml---

<label2>$INFO[Window.Property(LatestEpisode.1.ShowTitle)] - $INFO[Window.Property(LatestEpisode.1.EpisodeNo)]</label2>

Thanks for the help!
I can't tell you how to do it with video nodes, but I do know that when I separated out my kids movies from my own, I used smart playlists. The main menu button for the kids movies points to their smart playlist, and the recently added skin widget automatically only shows movies based off that playlist. Changing it to random also only uses their playlist. Conversely, this works with the main movie library, where I have excluded the kids stuff.

This may be a feature of the skin I'm using, which is Aeon MQ5.

I dunno if this will help you code it yourself, but it works well for me.