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Full Version: Windows VPN Dialer
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Hi everyone.

I've created an addon to facilitate the use of dial-up (VPN) connections from Windows machines running XBMC. I made this to fit my own needs but if this is something people are really interested in I would happily look at cleaning it up and adding features, possibly expanding it to work on Linux/Mac (maybe Android?).

This is my first addon and first experience with Python so go easy on me if something isn't working!

Ok, details of the add-on:

Name: Windows VPN Dialer

  • Connect to pre-configured Windows dial-up connections silently from within XBMC
  • Create XBMC Favourites - This is the feature I was really interested in having that I couldn't see done anywhere else. You can create a new XBMC favourite which links a chosen VPN connection with a pre-existing XBMC favourite. When this new favourite is launched (from your favourites menu or via a home screen shortcut etc.) it first connects to the chosen VPN then loads up the chosen favourite. For example, I live in Australia so need to access Netflix via a VPN. I installed NetfliXBMC and created a XBMC favourite from the "TV Shows" menu item within NetfliXBMC, and then created a new favourite from the Windows VPN Dialer addon to connect to my USA VPN, then launch the NetfliXBMC TV Shows favourite. Now all I need to do is run this new favourite and I am connected to my VPN and brought in to NetfliXBMC with one button press!
  • Automatic Disconnection - When a VPN is dialled via the aforementioned favourites it will be automatically disconnected when you next return to the XBMC home screen. Note: If you connected to the VPN manually (ie. through the addon itself) returning to the XBMC home screen will not automatically disconnect you.

  • When configuring your VPN connections in Windows visit the 'Options' tab and untick 'Display progress while connecting' and 'Prompt for name and password, certificate etc.'.
  • You will need to make sure you have saved your password in the VPN connection, otherwise you will be prompted for it when you connect.

Download: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4577...winvpn.zip
Thanks for this. It's just what i was looking for. The only thing i cant work out is how to create a favorite (in my case BBC iPlayer) that will automatically connect to the VPN when selected. I checked the xml config and i dont see how i can make this happen. I have created the 2 favorites for the iPlayer and this startup script but cant seem to have the vpn automatically run when i select click the iPlayer favorite.

Firstly, Thank you bubblesnout for this fantastic add-on you created. I've been using this for the last year and has been an absolute god send. Love it!!!!!

I Updated my system the other day to Win10 and Kodi 15.2 and have run into a problem. When the vpn dialer has been setup so that a vpn has been assigned to an add-on, the dialer does dial the required VPN however, the assigned add-on does not run/load. Is this an easy fix??
Thank you,