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Full Version: Gui Screen resolution
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I am new to both this forum as well as to xbmc.

I have recently bought the M8 tv box and my screen when trying to view a film or live tv is much too large. I have managed to find the screen resolution on the confluence page ..which is 1920 x 1020 @50 Hz. As a result the quality of the picture is also poor.

I cannot see any access to alter this to a watchable size, as mentioned on the settings section on the xbmc homepage. It would seem that adjustment has been locked somehow. When I arrived at my apartment here I had to do a factory full reset, although the screen was slightly oversize before then. Is there some sort of hidden menu to access this size adjustment. This is spoiling the whole experience...especially as the tv no longer works here on UK terrestrial channels.

In the main home page the screen appears the correct size, and II can adjust that , but it does not affect the main watching screen
I wonder if the M8 isn't outputting the correct resolution to the TV. You might try contacting their support folks.
Check the TV menu and look at the options for "screen size", depending on the make/model of TV (which you haven't told us!) there are a number of names for this, for example of LG it is "Just Scan"
Hi, thanks for your reply...the tv is a Phillips lcd. This is automatic, and can put a variety of sreen sizes, which I have tried. The problem, however, lies with the settings of the M8. When I go to the settings menu, within the Confluence menu which is in the settings menu of the main choice page...ie movies..movies 2..childrens etc it quite clearly says resolution 1920 x 1080 @50 Hz. there is no menu I can access to alter this to 1080 x 720... I assume that there is a hidden menu or access code to go to the next level...I cannot get a response of help from the seller of the M8...probably needs naming and shaming. At the moment there is little I can do from here in Spain!!!! Also the normal home screen size, with the apps etc is quite ok, and that is easily adjusted