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Full Version: Episodes not showing on one XBMC box but shows on others
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Anyone know why two Openelec xbmc boxes can read and show some shows that an Amazon Fire TV running Gotham 13.2 Beta 3 can not? Both are set up for TVDB for the scraper.

Example: The Strain has 4 episodes on all other boxes. The FireTV box lists the show with its fan art but not the episodes.
Please exactly explain your folder structure and maybe paste a Debug Log while scraping those shows.

If you are able to, post a screenshot from your files in tree-view
Structure is EPname>Season

It does not even show the season 1 folder for this show. The others do. I also do not have Flatten folders for single seasons enabled. The other boxes also have this option disabled.
I am trying to find out how to send the log to my email. I downloaded the log addon and entered in my email. I also enabled debugging mode but I cant figure out how to send a log to me on command. I havent received any in my emails either.
your strutcure should be something like this:

-----TV-Show Name1
---------Season 1
---------Season 2
-----TV-Show Name2
---------Season 1
---------Season 2

If your structure looks like this, then please paste a Debug Log while scraping. If your structure does not look like this....you know what to do Wink
Yes, the structure is like that. I will try to get this Debug log posted ASAP.

Here ya go: http://xbmclogs.com/show.php?id=261604
In the log, http://xbmclogs.com/show.php?id=261604, it shows it skipping the movies that dont even show up in xbmc. Such as Curse of Chucky and hummingbird. Unlike the TV shows, they show up but do not show the season folder or the episodes.
Also, here is a log after I had done this:

Removed Movies Source in Files
Reboot Fire TV
Added Movies Folder to Sources in Files once again
Let everything scan
Sent a log file to my email

Here that is: http://xbmclogs.com/show.php?id=261609

Also, since I am about to get ready and head to work, here is what was led me to where I am now. I take care of my little brother and father who live with me. They each have a FireTV in their room. In my master bedroom as well as my living room, I have two 64bit dual core PC's with Openelec XBMC installed. One day my dad said that he tried watching R.I.P.D but the movie was actually a new one called Under the Skin. He said that the audio would go out of sync as well and then freeze. He also said that my little brother had looked at it and my dad did not show a few movies that was on his. I checked a few things, and got him back on board. Never fixing the issue with the movies not showing up. Yesterday he said that he was having issues again with the audio etc. So, I reset the Fire TV to default settings and installed XBMC fresh. I used the Amber skin instead this time. Now I am having the issues that I posted having.
Seems to be a permission thing:

13:26:00 T:1712919088   ERROR: Failed to open(//Hummingbird (2013)/) opendir call failed with "NFS: READDIRPLUS of //Hummingbird (2013) failed with NFS3ERR_ACCES(-13)"

maybe the file has no read-permission for this user? Are you able to play the file while browsing with the xbmc filemanager?

On what are your files located? Which thing does the nfs-share?

on OpenElec you´re alway "root". maybe there is a "insecure"-flag missing in your exports
I actually can not view the movie files on the FireTV from when I was checking earlier. It is a Synology NAS. I will check the permissions, though.
Definitely permissions. Your NAS probably has no_root_squash or something. Change it to all_squash instead.
The Movies Folder as well as the TV folder has permissions set to allow everyone. All other devices can access the full collection. Do you think it could be an IP address issue or perhaps router related?? I also can not view any of the shows or movies viewed in file mode. The folders are there but the actual files can not be viewed. Its as if the folders are empty but they most certainly are not.

When in my Synology, under the File Sharing and clicking on my Movies Folder, under Edit NFS Rule, I have "squash"set to "map root to admin". That is how I got all of the other boxes to finally work properly and show every show. Is that not the same thing?
Nope, because openElec accesses as root, but the FireTV will access as another userid. You need to map every user to admin, not just root.
It was a permission issue. I switched it from "map root to admin" to "map all users to admin". Now everything shows correctly on the two Fire TV's. Thanks a ton for your help.