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Full Version: XBMC13 fails to play m.youtube videos received from HTTP
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I'm using the official 'XBMC-Remote for Android's "Share / Play on to XBMC" functionality in order to send youtube videos from my tablet browser to play on my TV.

When I open youtube videos in Chrome web-browser on my tablet, I automatically get the mobile version of youtube, which makes the link " http://www.m.youtube.com/v=whatever".
This does not work when i choose "Play on XBMC". I get the message on the XBMC13 host: "One or more items failed to play". This used to work in XBMC12.

However, if I get the desktop-version of the site (an option in Chrome for Android) and the link is the usual "http://www.youtube.com/v=whatever", it works.

Clearly, the XBMC error is caused by the XBMC13 host failing to parse the mobile "m." youtube link.
This causes a lot of headache since Chrome's "request desktop site" frequently causes the whole operating system to crash and the tablet reboots (Nexus 7 POS)