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Full Version: Internet streaming - Help please
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Please can someone help. I have xmbc android box. Not all video streams (or webcams, such as London, Paris, etc) play. They say missing plug in. Some streams work in Puffin browser. Two questions please;

1. How do I set a site (cam, etc) to automatically open in one browser, and another site to open automatically in another browser. I don't want to have to go into my apps folder and select a different browser each time.

2. There is a page of cameras which open in VLC or Windows media player only (not in the browser). A message comes up saying, "needs VLC WEB PLUG IN, to make it run". I want the cams to open automatically in a browser when I go to the site. Can I do this.

Thank you,
This isn't an XBMC question. XBMC is software that we make, and some people (not us) pre-install that software on a generic Android box. The box itself is not an XBMC box. We only provide support for XBMC itself, so you need to go to a website that supports general Android box questions.