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Full Version: My Music Library issue, multiple disc albums
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Hello XBMC/soon to be KODI community,

A little background on my file/folder structure and tagging standards
Albums and Collections under Albums

Album: Album Artist\Year.Album Title\Track Number (leading zero). Track Artist - Track Title
Collection: VA - Album Title\Track Number (leading zero). Track Artist - Track Title

Multiple CDs: Album Title\CD#

Albums should contain Album Art named folder.jpg

All files should be tagged appropriately including album art in ID3v2.3 (for MP3) or APE/FLAC tags

I use MusicBrainz Picard and Mp3tag for tagging all of my music. Besides the standard fields provided by Mp3tag I use the following fields

Example of my tagging Image

Now for the problem. When I scan in a multi-disc album I get multiple albums with the same name and image Image

My desire is to have the multi-disc albums show up as a single entry in the Album view, then just have all of the tracks in order CD1 Track1 - CD1 TrackN...CD2 Track1 - CD2 TrackN...CDN Track1 - CDN TrackN.

I would love any tips or tricks from the community. Wondering if XBMC uses a different field than what foobar2000 uses. I see the same issue if I put all the tracks in one folder and pre-pend the CD# to the track.

Issue is seen both in Windows and Linux on Gotham 13.1 and 13.2 beta3, and with any skin.
Example XBMC Debug Log of scanning
I see that it doesn't like DISCTOTAL or TRACKTOTAL...I guess there must be another field name expected
00:44:54 T:4500   DEBUG: unrecognized user text tag detected: TXXX:DISCTOTAL
00:44:54 T:4500   DEBUG: unrecognized user text tag detected: TXXX:TRACKTOTAL
It might be the same issue as http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=198670 Testing now

EDIT: Looks like it is a similar issue, re-tagging with ID3v2.4 via MusicBrainz seems to be working. I have a lot of work to do. I remember that I originally choose ID3v2.3 due to a bug in either XBMC, or GBPVR where the encoding was not understood by an underlying library. Now I'm gonna have to re-tag all of my stuff. This will take awhile. I will update when I am complete and let people know how things look.
I've done the same, MB picard etc. and I only have on instance in library as you would like. The only difference I see to one of my albums is for some reason MB picard populates discnumber with '1/2' & '2/2' where you only have '1', did you configure this as I only want MB Picard to set it to 1,2,3 and so on? but it seems to merge 'discnumber' + '/' + 'totaldiscs into disnumber ID3 tag when I save in MB picard?
@Mike_Doc: I manually edited the DISCNUMBER field via MP3tag. MB Picard does the same 1/2 2/2 thing as you see normally. I don't know the original reason that I did this or if I will keep it moving forward
Yup DISCNUMBER not DISCTOTAL was the problem (nothing to do with 2.3 vs 2.4)