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Full Version: Album art suddenly reorganized into "metadata folder"?? How?
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ConfusedOk, this is weird:

Windows 8
Itunes (latest)
XBMC (upgraded to 13.2)

My entire music collection is suddenly organized like this

..\music\artist\album\track 1.mp3 etc
..\music\artist\album\metadata\track 1.jpg
..\music\artist\album\metadata\track 2.jpg

The "folder.jpg" has been deleted from the base.

I am baffled what could have done this (new version of itunes?? Some settng in XBMC or MM)??

Anyone know how to automate:

1. Extract cover art from song
2. put folder.jpg back?

Anyone see this before?? Did I enanble something in a scraper accidentally??

Worst thing is my main music library "mirrors" to the backup server etc.
I assume you can thank Itunes.

I know in MP3Tag you can simply drag the embedded art image over to your folder and it will create the folder.jpg, so there may be a way to automate it as well. But, if all your art is now embedded, you may not need to folder jpg anymore. I have moved away from that.
Hilarious. So some itunes update moved everything. Gawd.