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Full Version: Kodi 14 Alpha Build - RetroPlayer?
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I think it was either Retroplayer, Heimdall or ffmpeg version bump. Since the last thing happened I think they will push 14 out quickly as a 'Tock' Release Tongue
And 14 was really a race type release as well, whichever was ready to go first... I'll assume they will do this for future versions as well which I think is a good idea

+1'ing won't force it in, all good things to those who wait Smile
Is there any reason it that it should be in the main program, rather than an addon? Not trying to stir, just genuinely curious.

There are test builds of it here : http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=173361
the poster is listed as a developer, so perhaps they might sneak it in to 14? It would be nice to have a big 'change of direction' to go along with the change of name.
@SecondhandHP, those questions are already indirectly answered in the FAQ for RetroPlayer here


Short answer is that RetroPlayer is a core, not a GUI, and it uses XBMC as its GUI.

Also, another technical reason is that XBMC does not yet have generic support for binary addons.

And FYI, garbear is not just a developer here, he is THE developer of RetroPlayer.
(2014-08-15, 02:03)Megatron Wrote: [ -> ]That would be great if they could get it in there, when is the freeze for Kodi 14 anyway?
upcoming merge window is last feature window (sept 1st - sept 10th) - after that mainlline will be frozen again because we have to get Helix out this year using the new name. So there is no way that RetroPlayer will make it in
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