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Full Version: PVR.wmc support
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Any chance Transparency will see PVR.wmc support? The only things not functioning already are these two dialogs:

'Set Series Recording' and 'Delete Series Recording' dialogs


It seems like adding them would be trivial, but I have never messed with skins and have no idea how I would do it manually.
I would also LOVE to see this work. I've moved the RecordPrefs.xml and DeleteTimer.xml to the 720p folder of the Transparency skin a suggested, and used a "fix" for the transparent background of the dialog from this thread (about NextPVR but applicable here): http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=194138. Now I can choose a single recording or season recording, but I'm missing the options to choose the "Show Type", "Channel" and "Airtime". If anyone has ANY ideas how to get this working, I will certainly give it a try!


Happy to report that if you select to record a show as a series, the "missing" dialogs then show up. The only thing that would make it cleaner is if all the options were readable at once, rather than just the one being highlighted.