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Full Version: RCB filter problem
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I was playing around with the views and filters for the RCB and when I did the filters it made it so I can't see any games at all now. I can't even access the side or top menu to change the filters or the view. I'm not in kiosk mode or anything either. I can press C and get that menu but there is no place to reset the filters that I can see. I tried uninstalling RCB but it can't be uninstalled it said. I tried importing all my games again with no luck. Can someone please help me?!?
Sounds like a skin issue... Which skin are you using?

Try changing skins and opening RCB again.
I'm using aeon mq5. I'll try to change it when I get home and see if that helps.
I changed to aeon Nox and confluence and still can't find where to change the view filters. Ugh. Can't view any roms. I can see the top menu which has like the systems and stuff. But I can't find the filters that I see accidentally. The filters said to not show if certain things were missing like the front or back cover and a few other things. I clicked a few of them and closed the filter menu and all the roms disappeared. I tried hitting "c" and "m" but can't figure out how to get back to that view filter.
Can anybody help?!?!