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Full Version: XBMC FTP Retriver : a module to retrieve your files from you ftp storage
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I've created my first XBMC add-on : It's a script that allow you to retrieve your files from your FTP storage directly on your media center.
its key features are :
- remember what files have already been downloaded so you can use a temporary folder as a destination before you sort your files
- inclusion and exclusion rules so you only download the files you want
- several profiles can be set with different rules and host

I use it myself and maybe someone else could find it useful.
Using as intermediary between a RPi and a seedbox could be usefull (whatever a seedbox might be)

Here you can find the code : https://github.com/Panfloss/xbmc-script-ftpretriever
and there is a zip release of the 0.3.1 here : https://github.com/Panfloss/xbmc-script-...riever.zip

feel free to submit issues or simply telling me how crappy my code looks like