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Full Version: Not getting fanart
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I'm in the process of converting my whole cd collection to flac, and setting everything up for xbmc/kodi.
I rip the cd's using exact audio copy, and then I tag the files, using musicbrainz picard.
This works very well for most cd's.
However, there are a few of them that seems to be unable to get the thumbs from fanart.tv
One example is the cd "the words that remain" by the band "solas".

Here's a cutout from the XBMC log, when I try to refresh the album information:

16:25:53 T:2960 DEBUG: scraper: GetFanartTvAlbumThumbsByMBID returned <details><url function="ParseFanartTvAlbumThumbs" cache="fanarttv-albumimages-90bc79b1-c4c2-3034-992d-c5b705dc45d9.json">http://webservice.fanart.tv/v3/music/albums/90bc79b1-c4c2-3034-992d-c5b705dc45d9?api_key=ed4b784f97227358b31ca4dd966a04f1/</url></details>
16:25:53 T:2960 DEBUG: CurlFile::Open(0A14FCA8) http://webservice.fanart.tv/v3/music/alb...d966a04f1/
16:25:53 T:2960 ERROR: CCurlFile::FillBuffer - Failed: HTTP response code said error(22)
16:25:53 T:2960 ERROR: CCurlFile::CReadState::Connect, didn't get any data from stream.
16:25:53 T:2960 ERROR: ADDON::CScraper::Run: Unable to parse web site

As far as I can tell, the MBID is correct, and when I check the fanart.tv website, the thumb show up fine.
Can anyone help me to fix this?
What's wrong?