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Full Version: Newly added shows don't download artwork
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When I have a new TV show added to my XBMC, it does not show the poster art. So, I have to scroll to the show and hit C on my keyboard and update it manually for it to show up. I have the plugins for artwork such as organizer and the downloader. I wonder if there is something that I am missing or if another addon is better suited?
Are you updating the library/scanning in the new entries? Just having the file physically be there won't tell XBMC to scan it in.
Since I updated to Kodi Alpha 2, new movies are scanned and updated automatically as it was previously configured. But TV shows aren't. I think it is the same problem that ampedout has. If I try to view files, TV shows is properly configured, but I do not see any file. However, I can play the TV shows I had before upgrading to Kodi.


Edit: Ok, I've just found the problem. I named the episodes such as ".SxxExx.mkv" and if I change the name to "SxxExx.mkv" without the first dot, now it recognizes the episodes again.

My problem now is... What do I do with the old TV shows? I would like to rename everyone. Any suggestion to update the library?

Thanks in advance
Are these files on a share somewhere? Any chance it is SMB on Linux and you updated it so that hidden files are now not accessible anymore for the system running Kodi ?