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Full Version: Bug report - 3D button missing when pausing movie
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I just noticed quite a major bug for those of playing 3D movies. When switching to 3D mode, there is supposed to be an additional button in the GUI (the one that pops up when pausing a movie). It does show up on Confluence, but the button does not exist in Amber.

Any chance to add this? Thanks in advance!
Well not a bug per se... I have no 3D movies in my library (though that is easily fixable) and no 3D glasses to test 3D features. In addition, I have no idea what that button is supposed to do. Any screenshots and explanations?
It allows switching of 3D modes, it seems to be incorporated into most skins by now and I was surprised when I saw Steve say in another thread that it wasn't in your skin.


Pic 1, in OSD there is an extra button labelled 3D which allows access to the options you can see.


Pic 2, the change mode dialog, giving access to the various 3D rendering options.

PS same issue in Quartz, which I think is also yours? Cheers, we all appreciate the work that goes into this!
Thanks mate, very helpful.
I dont think this was implemented/fixed, I'll have a go, but first need a 3D movie Smile
Got a 3D movie, menu is now fixed (not in the paused screen but normal menu) will go in next release