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Full Version: channel groups
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  Can anyone help? I am Wondering how do I create channel groups?
Create a tag on the tvheadend back end (the web UI) - assign channels to that tag - and that should then appear on XBMC, perhaps after a restart/refresh/reconnect to re-read the PVR information.
Friend, thank you! I thought I was there, I was more afraid of making bullshit.

  Now enjoy, could tell me how to solve the following problem:
  Epg data are migranado wrong with writing in my language. en. Know what I have to do to not get corrupted? I'm talking about accents. Ex. Ç
what is the corruption? What are you seeing that's wrong - can you give an example?
Thanks for helping me.
    About my problem is that the accented words in my language cacteres not leave with ascii different. As soon as possible receive a print.

Do they look okay in XBMC? Where is the EPG coming from?
Solved the problem! Thank you for your help!