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Full Version: Dropping out of 3D Mode
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I have rarely ever played with the 3d mode in my tv so today I decided to test it out. I have a Panasonic 3d TV and it set to detect 3d by signal and image analysis. My HTPC is running a Geforce GT 430 which is capable of 3d as well. When I select my file XBMC asks me what mode to play it in, I leave it in stereoscopic as it's a SBS file. It will either open up and play 3d in a few seconds or stay in SBS mode. Once it starts playing in 3d mode everything is good for a few minutes and then it will drop out of it and go back to SBS. I can stop the video and restart and it still will not go into 3d but I can leave it playing and at some point it will pop back into 3d.

Does anyone know why this is happening? Shouldn't my GPU be sending that it a 3d stream the entire time the video playing?
nope - Debug Log please
Here is the debug from start of the video to when it kicked out of 3d.