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Awesome theme!

edit: nvm, changed my mind... Smile
cool and thanks!

As for this view (vertical mode?) is there a way to make the side menus go all the way to the top instead of just the bottom third of the screen? Kinda like how OSMC is doing


No, this is the design of Conq. If you like the way another skin does something then use that instead. Wink
(2015-05-21, 20:08)Hitcher Wrote: [ -> ]No, this is the design of Conq. If you like the way another skin does something then use that instead. Wink

If it's by design then that's fine, but is that because there are/can have something on top that can be turned on? like a movies list or something?
Hello, I love Conq, I have a question regarding artist slideshow/fan art since it's says it's supported. It doesn't seem to work on my system. For example in Refocus skin which has a similar functionality you can select which fanart images appear on each menu section (TV, Movies, TV & Movies, etc). I can't seem to make it display any type of fanart on the main menu/home screen, just a single image background image.

Hitcher, love the skin! Only one question. Is it possible to enable continious scrolling in the file manager? When using file manager on another skin like Arctic Zephyr and reaching the last file and press down again you will automatically go to the first file. And vice versa.
I really like this theme but I can't figure out how to turn on the local subtitle. When I choose the subtitle icon I'm sent to the subtitle download screen. I see the message that a "local subtitle found" but I don't see how to just turn that on instead of downloading a subtitle from a service.
Click on the speaker icon (audio settings) and enable subtitles.
Hello, I have made a pull request in github because I had a problem with long titles in some movies, now the titles does an horizontal scroll.

Greetings. Laugh
This is still my favourite skin Hitcher, so thanks for all your hard work. Are you planning on adding support for the new Isengard features like delayed seeking, or are you concentrating on FTV now?

Thanks again.
Possibly but I'm concentrating more on Copacetic right now.
Fair enough. I'll keep an eye on that one then.
Imho the cleanest skin out there. You should really update it for Jarvis!
Easier said than done. Wink
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