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Full Version: TVHeadend Freeview UK which EPG grabber should I use
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I know in the UK it is best to use an over the air grabber but there are loads to choose from. At present I have them all selected and it works. I.E openTV:Sky, Freeview, EIT DVB gabber, etc however I would like to know which I should have selected for use with Freeview.

Best to mention this is running on v3.4 and a synology NAS evansport DS412play DSM 5.0
nobody knowHuh
If you're only getting Freeview then Sky/OpenTV/Freesat can logically be disabled as you're not going to be receiving any OTA data via those satellite muxes.
Obviously can also disable Sky baltic/italy etc.

Leave EIT on, think it's part of all broadcasting standards (only provides now/next info), but it should supercede the main grabber and therefore provide correct schedule in event of change of programming.

So whatever you're left with is what will be pulled in.

Although in all honesty, I just leave them all enabled, tvheadend seems to sort itself out.
@robo989 thanks for explaining that. I was a little worried that the wrong setting might strip out the EPG data. Once again thanks for sharing.